Our Mission

LEAP empowers women who have experienced incarceration through transformational opportunities and advocacy.


For every woman who has experienced incarceration and who is committed to change to have the opportunity and tools to achieve her full potential.

Our Core Values

Second Chances

We believe every human being deserves a second chance. People can change, dignity can be restored, and society will benefit as a result.

Love, Forgiveness, and Education

Love and forgiveness of self and others, along with education, are the most powerful forces of change in the world.

Accountability and Discipline

Without accountability and discipline, change is impossible. Accordingly, while we provide opportunities and tools, our students must want to change. Consequently, LEAP only commits resources to those who demonstrate a desire to help themselves.


LEAP expects complete honesty and integrity from our students, staff, board, and mentors. This means more than simply the absence of deception; it means being forthright in all of our dealings.


Women transitioning from prison to community cannot succeed without employers willing to hire, banks willing to lend, property owners willing to rent, and a community willing to forgive them. Therefore, we will advocate to change the hearts, minds, and attitudes of the community towards those who have experienced incarceration so that they recognize everyone wins when these women have a way to thrive.


LEAP is committed to working in collaboration with people and organizations who share our values and support our mission. The success of our students depends on the support web of previous graduates, staff, mentors, partners, and the extended community, who create a foundation on which our students can stand and flourish.

Responsible Stewardship

LEAP is committed to being a financially lean organization, and as a staff, we are committed to modest salary and expense levels. We use funds intelligently, efficiently, and strategically to achieve maximum benefit for all whom we serve.


We seek to create an environment among our students, staff, board, mentors, and other volunteers that encourages laughter, fun, community, and creativity.