If success could be measured in smiles and warm feelings, this moment would capture a 100% success rate.

No wonder the recidivism rate has never gone higher than 6% since LEAP’s inception nearly a decade ago.There are so many measures of success: families re-united, self-esteemed restored, housing, jobs, and more.

Recidivismthe rate at which people return to prison for new crimes – is often the one we are asked about. While recidivism rates and estimates vary, most studies cite a rate of between one-third and two-thirds. That means that, for the general prison population, between 33% and 66% of people wind up back in prison for newly committed crimes within a few years of release. At LEAP, the recidivism rate of our graduates has varied from 4% – 6%.

This is what Success looks like:

Erlinda Botswick, Class 7

“LEAP students develop a mindset of doing the right thing, making the right choices, having a positive attitude, and staying focused on making their dreams a reality. The program gave me a reason to get up in the morning and focus on what was important, so upon release from prison, I could apply what I learned from LEAP and be a role model to my children, grandchildren and become once again a law-abiding citizen of the community.”

Christie Sierra, Class 11

“Since my release, I have been frequently reminded of the importance of support outside of those walls. The LEAP ladies have been a source of encouragement during a time that has been challenging and sometimes downright heartbreaking. Without their support, my life would be full of more questions and doubt. I am so thankful for the love, support, and positivity that LEAP has supplied before and after my release from prison. I am forever grateful for my new family.”

Tarshea Sanderson, Class 11

“Because of LEAP’s Mentoring Program and my fabulous mentor, I came out of prison gainfully employed. Two months after release I moved into my own place and have slowly and deliberately become the woman that had been buried deep inside of me. The woman I chose to bury because of low self-worth and esteem and a unhealthy self- image. I continue to practice the skills I learned in LEAP on a daily basis.”

Rebecca (Cafe) Brown, Class 11

“LEAP has taught me a whole new way to see the world and myself. I see that I have value and now look at difficulties as opportunities, not obstacles. I have a job that I love as a cook at Camillus House, my own apartment, and spend as much time as possible in service to my church and those in need. I am honored to serve on the LEAP board of directors so that I can help other women coming out of prison.”

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