‘Cracked Not Broken’ Formerly Incarcerated Women Are Captured In Photo Exhibit

Powerful photographs revealing the lives of 25 women post-incarceration are on display at the Coral Gables Museum until Sept. 23. The exhibition, “The Compassion Project,” focuses on women who re-entered society after some time behind bars and portrays these women in a new light.

Some of the photographs are portraits, others are inspired by poetry and one was taken under water. 

While walking from photo to photo, attendees will be able to hear recorded interviews and watch videos of the women through an interactive app that is downloaded upon entry. Sundial producer Alejandra Martinez spoke with Starr Sariego, one of the photographers and the curator of the project. Sariego met many of the women through Ladies Empowerment Action Program or LEAP, a nonprofit that helps women transitioning to life outside of prison. She joined Sundial to talk about the photography and misconceptions of women who were formerly in prison.

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